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Structural Racism

This page contains writings that document how access to opportunity as been and continues to be systematically denied to African Americans in the United States. Resources are organized by topic as follows:

  1. Descriptions and Definitions
  2. Historical Frameworks
  3. Science and Racism
  4. Denial of Opportunity

1. Structural Racism: Descriptions & Definitions

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Structural racism and health inequities in the USA Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together? Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
Glossary for Understanding Structural Racism  Link  more ] D. Young 3/21/2017
Levels of racism: a theoretic framework Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible backpack PDF (518.41 KB)  more ] Administration 3/10/2016

2. Structural Racism: Historical Frameworks

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
We Were Eight Years in Power Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
Letter from Birmingham Jail Link  more ] D. Young 4/10/2017
Structural Racism and Health Inequities Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
The Case for Reparations Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016

3. Structural Racism: Science & Racism

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
A Review of Concepts for Studying Health Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
Race, Gene Expression, and the Science of Health D Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
Shades of Difference Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
American Anthropologic Association Statement Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
Priming Disease Susceptibility for Generations Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
An Overview of Critical Race Theory & Applications Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016

4. Structural Racism: Denial of Opportunity

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Healing our Divided Society Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
The Color of Law Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2018
American Apartheid: Making of Underclass Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
Why Is Black-White Residential Segregation So Pers Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
Racial residential segregation Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016
Reflections on Ferguson Link  more ] Administration 3/10/2016

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