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Anti-Racism Toolkit
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This toolkit was developed by APTR members to support the APTR Policy: Role of Academia in Combatting Structural Racism in the United States.  APTR designed the toolkit resources to assist health professions faculty address and seek to reduce the effects of systemic racism in our society through their professional work: as teachers, as clinical and public health practitioners, as researchers, and as members of a university community. The toolkit has an organizing structure and provides resources such as websites, files, research articles and recommended readings. 

The APTR policy statement calls upon post-secondary educational institutions in the United States-particularly health professions schools and their academic units that teach prevention and public health-to take action to reduce the impact of racism from within their walls and to assume proactive responsibility for teaching students and the general public about racism's causes and effects.

Lead: Anthony Schlaff, MD, MPH; Director, Public Health Program; Tufts University School of Medicine

Toolkit Curator: Derrick Young, MPH; Tufts University School of Medicine Student


I. Curricula »

A. Curriculum on Structural Causes of Racism and Inequity
B. Teaching Cultural Competence
C. Addressing Privilege

II. Interventions »

A. General Interventions
B. Interventions in Academia

1. Assuring Diverse Student Success
2. Compositional Diversity
3. Institutional Climate

III. Literature Articles

A. Health Inequities Literature »

1. Health Status Inequities
2. Healthcare Access Inequities
3. Healthcare Quality Inequities
4. Differences in COVID-19 Testing and Care

B. Interpersonal Racism Literature »

1. Implicit Bias
2. Health Effects of Interpersonal Racism and Discrimination

C. Structural Racism Literature »

1. Descriptions & Definitions
2. Historical Frameworks
3. Science and Racism
4. Denial of Opportunity

IV. Websites »

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