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Instructor Guides

Instructor Guides

Instructor Guides: C-POP Case Studies  [log-in required]

The Case-Based Series in Population-Oriented Prevention (C-POP) provides a set of tools to integrate clinical- and community-based prevention into interactive teaching cases. The cases are designed to be adaptable for different levels of education, flexible to be tailored to local situations, and expandable to accommodate changes in the field. Instructor Guides are available for faculty.

  • Outbreak of TB in a Homeless Men’s Shelter [pdf]            
  • Disparity in Birth Weight in Syracuse, NY [pdf]
  • Disparity In Low Birth Weight in Wayne County, NC [pdf]              
  • Community Health Assessment: Pitt County, NC [pdf]
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease in Adolescents [pdf]
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening [pdf]
  • Bicycle Helmet Effectiveness in Preventing Injury [pdf]
  • Adolescent Suicide Prevention [pdf]
  • A Community Outbreak of Influenza-Like Illness [pdf]
  • No Fair Warning: Outbreak at the 1999 WC fair [pdf]
  • Maternal Mortality [pdf]

Instructor Guides: Population Health Modules [log-in required]

These resources are available to faculty to assist in the instruction of students.

  • Instructor Guide: Population Health Teaching Module 1
  • Instructor Guide: Population Health Teaching Module 2
  • Instructor Guide: Population Health Teaching Module 4
  • Instructor Guide: Population Health Teaching Module 7

Instructor Guides: CDC Epidemiology Case Studies [open access]

Preceptor versions of Case Studies in Applied Epidemiology that have been developed at CDC and used in training for Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officers, "disease detectives”. Instructor versions only available to faculty.

  • Preceptor Version: A Cluster of Group A Strep Postoperative Wound Infections
  • Preceptor Version: A Measles Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population: Burundi
  • Preceptor Version: A Mixed Bag in Michigan (The PBB Story)   
  • Preceptor Version: An Epidemic Disease in South Carolina    
  • Preceptor Version: An Outbreak of Appendicitis in Oneida (1988)    
  • Preceptor Version: An Epidemic of Thyrotoxicosis  
  • Preceptor Version: An Outbreak of Enteritis During a Pilgrimage to Mecca    
  • Preceptor Version: An Outbreak of Hemorrhagic Fever in Africa ("Ebola")    
  • Preceptor Version: An Outbreak of Jaundice in a Rural County    
  • Preceptor Version: An Outbreak of Neurologic Syndrome Among Factory Workers    
  • Preceptor Version: Oral Contraceptive Use and Ovarian Cancer    
  • Preceptor Version: Texarkana - Epidemic Measles in a Divided City    
  • Preceptor Version: Tampons and Toxic Shock Syndrome    
  • Preceptor Version:Vinyl Chloride and Cancer    
  • Preceptor Version: Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer    
  • Preceptor Version: Screening for Antibody to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus    
  • PV:Oswego - An Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness Following a Church Supper    
  • Preceptor Version: Listeriosis in Costa Rica    
  • Preceptor Version: Reestablishing an Injury Surveillance System    
  • Preceptor Version: Suspected Legionnaires' Disease in Bogalusa    
  • Preceptor Version: Surveillance for E. coli 0157:H7-Information for Action    
  • Preceptor Version: Botulism in Argentina    
  • Preceptor Version: Paralytic Illness in Ababo    
  • Preceptor Version: L-Tryptophan & Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome


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