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American Journal of Preventive Medicine

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine is the official journal of the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research. It publishes articles in the areas of prevention research, teaching, practice and policy. Original research is published on interventions aimed at the prevention of chronic and acute disease and the promotion of individual and community health. Of particular emphasis are papers that address the primary and secondary prevention of important clinical, behavioral and public health issues such as injury and violence, infectious disease, women's health, smoking, sedentary behaviors and physical activity, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Papers also address educational initiatives aimed at improving the ability of health professionals to provide effective clinical prevention and public health services. Papers on health services research pertinent to prevention and public health are also published. Additionally, the journal publishes official policy statements from the two co-sponsoring organizations, review articles, media reviews, and editorials. Finally, the journal periodically publishes supplements and special theme issues devoted to areas of current interest to the prevention community. 


Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH

Dr. Boulton is Professor of Epidemiology, Health Management & Policy, and Preventive Medicine in the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Professor of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases Division, in the University Medical School. He completed his MD at the University of Nevada, his clinical and preventive medicine residency training at the University of Michigan, and his MPH in epidemiology and international health at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. He also currently serves as the Associate Dean for Global Public Health and was Director of the university’s preventive medicine residency for 13 years. Prior to his faculty appointment at the University of Michigan, he was the governor’s Chief Medical Executive and the State Epidemiologist for the Michigan Department of Health which was preceded by several years’ work in local health departments as a Medical Director. Dr. Boulton has received research and training funding from NIH, CDC, HRSA, APTR, RWJF, Kresge Foundation, Trehan Foundation, and the Public Health Foundation. He an active research and has published on infectious disease epidemiology and control, vaccine preventable diseases and immunization coverage, global health especially in China and India, and the public health workforce. 

Current Articles 

Parents’ Awareness and Perceptions of JUUL and Other E-CigarettesOpen in a New Window

The purpose of this study is to examine awareness, attitudes, and related knowledge of e-cigarettes, and JUUL specifically, among parents of middle and high school students.


Association of Clinician Behaviors and Weight Change in School-Aged ChildrenOpen in a New Window

This study uses clinical practice data to determine whether recommended weight management clinician behaviors are associated with weight status improvement in children aged 6–12 years who are overweight or obese.


Supervised Injection Facility Utilization Patterns: A Prospective Cohort Study in Vancouver, CanadaOpen in a New Window

Although the health and community benefits of supervised injection facilities are well documented, little is known about long-term patterns of utilization of this form of health service. The present study seeks to longitudinally characterize discontinuation of use of a supervised injection facility in Vancouver, Canada.


Changes in Fast Food Outlet Availability Near Schools: Unequal Patterns by Income, Race/Ethnicity, and UrbanicityOpen in a New Window

Previous research has observed income or racial/ethnic inequalities in fast food restaurant availability near schools. The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in fast food restaurant availability near schools between 2000 and 2010 by school neighborhood income, race/ethnicity, and urbanicity.


Opioid Prescriptions for Acute and Chronic Pain Management Among Medicaid BeneficiariesOpen in a New Window

Millions of Americans are affected by acute or chronic pain every year. This study investigates opioid prescription patterns for acute and chronic pain management among U.S. Medicaid patients.


Deaf Women's Health: Adherence to Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening RecommendationsOpen in a New Window

No prevalence studies on cancer screening adherence among Deaf women have been conducted in the past decade. Current data on breast and cervical cancer screening are needed from Deaf women who adhered or did not adhere to the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force screening guidelines. The objectives of this study were to assess whether disparities for cancer screening adherence persist for Deaf women compared with the general population and whether racial and ethnic disparities for adherence exist among Deaf women.


Sitting Time and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisOpen in a New Window

Whether physical activity attenuates the association of total daily sitting time with cardiovascular disease and diabetes incidence is unclear. This systematic review and meta-analysis examined the association of total daily sitting time with cardiovascular disease and diabetes with and without adjustment for physical activity.


Feasibility of Automated Cameras to Measure Screen Use in AdolescentsOpen in a New Window

The influence of screens and technology on adolescent well-being is controversial and there is a need to improve methods to measure these behaviors. This study examines the feasibility and acceptability of using automated wearable cameras to measure evening screen use in adolescents.


Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screening: Patterns Among Women With Medicaid and Commercial InsuranceOpen in a New Window

Despite healthcare reforms mandating expanded insurance coverage and reduced out-of-pocket costs for preventive care, cancer screening rates remain relatively static. No study has measured cancer screening rates for multiple tests among non-Medicare patients.


Calorie and Nutrient Profile of Combination Meals at U.S. Fast Food and Fast Casual RestaurantsOpen in a New Window

The nutrient profile of combination meals in large chain restaurants is not well understood.


Dual Versus Never Use of E-Cigarettes Among American Indians Who SmokeOpen in a New Window

Many American Indian communities have a high prevalence of smoking and e-cigarette use, but factors associated with their dual use are rarely studied.


Changes in E-Cigarette Use Behaviors and Dependence in Long-term E-Cigarette UsersOpen in a New Window

Little is known about the effects of long-term e-cigarette use, particularly the risks of relapse to cigarette smoking or increased dependence.


Flavorant–Solvent Reaction Products and Menthol in JUUL E-Cigarettes and AerosolOpen in a New Window

The “JUUL” e-cigarette is the best-selling e-cigarette on the U.S. market.1,2 JUUL refill “pods” contain nicotine benzoate salt and flavorants dissolved in a 30:70 ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (VG for vegetable glycerin). Nicotine benzoate is perceived as more satisfactory and less harsh, enabling the delivery of higher amounts of nicotine to users. As such, nicotine concentrations in JUUL e-liquids are higher (5%; 3% since August 2018) than in non-JUUL e-liquids (typically 0.3%–2.4%).


The Role of Childhood Adversity in the Development of Gestational DiabetesOpen in a New Window

The influence of women's childhood psychosocial environment and subsequent preconception mental health on risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus is unclear. This study examines this relationship.


Skin Tone Matters: Racial Microaggressions and Delayed Prenatal CareOpen in a New Window

Literature posits that discrimination can be a barrier to racial and ethnic minorities’ healthcare use. This study examines the relationship between perceived discrimination in the form of racial microaggressions and delayed prenatal care in African American women. It also investigates whether this relationship is modified by women's shade of skin color owing to societal attitudes and beliefs tied to colorism (also known as skin-tone bias).


The Impact of Following Solid Food Feeding Guides on BMI Among Infants: A Simulation StudyOpen in a New Window

There are several recommendations advising caregivers when and how to introduce solid food to infants. These complementary feeding guides vary in terms of the recommendations for timing and portions. The objective of this study is to determine the impact of following different guidelines on weight trajectories of infants.


Firearm Ownership and Domestic Versus Nondomestic Homicide in the U.S.Open in a New Window

Gun ownership is associated with firearm mortality, although this association differs across victim–offender relationships. This study examines the relationship between gun ownership and domestic versus nondomestic homicide rates by victim sex.


Adolescent Health Lifestyles and Educational Risk: Findings From the Monitoring the Future Study, 2010–2016Open in a New Window

Research has linked educational risk to various risky health behaviors (e.g., drug use, violence, risky sexual behaviors). This study builds upon this research by examining the link between additional health lifestyle indicators—nutritional risk factors, low sleep quantity, and low exercise frequency—and academic risk factors among a recent, nationally representative sample of adolescents.


U.S. Adults’ Attitudes Toward Lowering Nicotine Levels in CigarettesOpen in a New Window

This study assessed U.S. adults’ attitudes toward lowering the nicotine levels in cigarettes to make them less addictive.


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