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4/1/2019 » 4/3/2019
Teaching Prevention 2019

Anti-Racism Toolkit Curricula
The resources are divided into the following sections:
  1. Curriculum on Structural Causes of Racism and Inequity
  2. Teaching Cultural Competence
  3. Teaching and Addressing Privilege

1. Curricula: Structural Causes

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SDOH Case Studies  Link  more ] Administration 5/30/2018
Reducing implicit bias through curricular interve Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Reducing racial bias among health care providers: Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
A medical student CHANGES study report Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Teaching about health care disparities Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Teaching the social determinants of health Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Health Inequities, and Vulnerable Populations Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, 3rd Ed Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Teaching ‘Race’ at Medical School Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Structural Racism and Supporting Black Lives Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
Racism and Health II: A Needed Research Agenda Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
Racism and Health I: Pathways Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
Allegories of Race and Racism Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Unnatural Causes Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Race, Power & Policy:Dismantling Structural Racism Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Glossary for Understanding the Dismantling Racism Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
A Silent Curriculum Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016

2. Curricula: Teaching Cultural Competency

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Incorporating antiracism coursework  Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
Model for Cultural Competence Training Link  more ] Administration 4/5/2018
The elephant in the room Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
Incorporating Antiracism Coursework  Link  more ] D. Young 2/26/2017
The Use and Misuse of Culture in Medical Education Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Cultural Humility Vs Cultural Competence Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Cultural Competency Education for Medical Students Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Cultural Stereotype Reflection Exercise Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Helping Medical Learners Recognize Bias Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Diversity Is for White People: The Big Lie Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016
Cultural competence: a conceptual framework Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016

3. Curricula: Teaching and Addressing Privilege

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
"Allowing" Race in the Classroom Link  more ] D. Young 3/19/2017
Addressing Whiteness in Nursing Education  Link  more ] D. Young 3/19/2017
White Privilege Racism, White Denial  Link  more ] D. Young 4/5/2018
Confronting White Privilege  Link  more ] D. Young 3/19/2017
Addressing White Privilege in Independent Schools Link  more ] D. Young 3/19/2017
Race, Racism, and Whiteness Training Link  more ] D. Young 3/19/2017
Examining Whiteness: An Anti-Racism Curriculum Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2016

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