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Teaching Prevention 2020




APTR Strategic Plan

Our Unique Role in Preparing the Next Generation of Health Professionals

APTR represents medical and health professions institutions and their faculty engaged in teaching prevention, public health, and population health.  Our organization has a unique and rapidly growing role in efforts to improve the health of the American people.

Prevention matters!  The basic tenets of prevention are transforming into new visions of population health. While prevention encompasses a wide range of activities—from encouraging individuals to change behavior, to screening tests, to broad policy initiatives aimed at changing societal conditions to improve population health—all prevention improvements share a common element: change.

APTR is unique in supporting academic initiatives focusing on creating that change. These efforts require creativity that comes from teamwork and from working in interprofessional spaces: bringing together clinicians and public health experts, educators and practitioners, and those in and outside of the health sector.  APTR members include public health professionals engaged in classic prevention efforts such as immunizations and cancer screening; clinicians using medical homes and electronic health records to improve the health of their patients; pharmacists engaged in efforts to prevent adverse drug reactions and support disease management programs; and nurses and dentists integrating prevention into education and practice.  These are examples of the individuals APTR unites to influence the training of the next generation of health professionals and to help them apply the fundamental concepts of prevention in their community or patient population.

APTR recognizes the critical need in prevention for an explicit commitment to interprofessional and cross-sectorial work, and this commitment is expressed in our mission and our activities. Our focus on teaching and research provides a unique voice and platform to encourage creativity and an orientation to the future.

APTR provides the national forum to articulate that need, to support educators of prevention and population health, and to advance policies related to prevention. We partner with many others in public health, health care, and other societal sectors—but we alone provide the national voice and meeting place for those for whom prevention education and its interdisciplinary foundation are central.

A. Public Health and Prevention Education

  • Embed public health and prevention education into the emerging health system by ensuring the recognition of the value of public health and prevention education for future practitioners and administrators.
  • Promote interprofessional collaboration in prevention and public health education

  • Provide multiple opportunities to convene in order to share educational opportunities and experiences

  • Expand capacity of health professions educators to teach prevention and public health
  • Support members in pursuing meaningful accreditation or credentialing

B. Advocacy and Policy

  • Educate and inform members on legislative issues to increase capacity to effectively advocate on appropriate issues
  • Take policy and or position statements on issues pertinent to prevention education
  • Increase impact of efforts through strengthened partnerships with other organizations and funding entities

C. Marketing and Communications

  • Increase APTR visibility among partners and others

  • Increase APTR visibility for programs and services among all internal and external constituencies using clear and multiple communications channels
  • Express the unique value of APTR in academic prevention and population health to professional organizations, federal institutions and individuals

D. Membership

  • Design and implement strategies and activities that clearly denote and justify the value of APTR membership
  • Enhance graduate program membership in APTR and the Council of Graduate Programs in Public Health
  • Increase institutional membership of appropriate medical school departments
  • Create member involvement opportunities in the organizational structure

E. Research and Scholarship

  • Enhance scholarship of APTR membership by promoting opportunities for recognition, publication, and presentation of work

  • Provide opportunities to members for promotion to tenure

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