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AJPM Supplement Program

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) is the official APTR journal, publishing articles in the areas of prevention research, teaching, practice, and policy. Original research is published on interventions aimed at the prevention of chronic and acute disease and the promotion of individual and community health. There is an emphasis on clinical preventive medicine, population health, injury and violence, smoking, physical activity, nutrition, diabetes and other chronic diseases, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, immunizations, women's health, and infectious diseases.

Through the APTR-CDC CSELS cooperative agreement, CIOs may fund supplements in AJPM that disseminate best practices and build the scientific and programmatic evidence base. Supplements are stand-alone journal issues focused on a specific topical area that are printed in addition to an AJPM regular issue. Supplements must have a minimum of five articles but typically contain between 10-15 articles. CIOs without enough articles for a stand-alone supplement issue may consider a theme issue which is published within an AJPM regular issue. Theme articles generally contain a maximum of four articles, including an introductory commentary.

Fees for supplements include: Editorial fees (fees associated with administering and managing the issues) and publication fees. Supplement and theme costs are based on the number of published pages. Issue prices can vary depending on factors such as page count, administrative costs, and reviewer honoraria, among others. 

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Jillian B. Morgan, MPH
AJPM Managing Editor


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CDC CIOs can access additional information via the CDC intranet site.

Since 1988, over 90 issues have been published by the CDC to disseminate translational research and practice on topics selected by CDC CIOs. 

Opportunities for Cancer Prevention During Midlife

March 2014
Volume 46, Issue 3, Supplement 1, S1-S110

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Addressing Cancer Survivorship Through Public Health Research, Surveillance, and Programs

December 2015

Volume 49, Issue 6, Supplement 5, S467-S554

View Supplement


Developing U.S. Recommendations for Providing Quality Family Planning Services

August 2015
Volume 49, Issue 2, Supplement 1, S1-S124

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The Use of Economics in Informing U.S. Public Health Policy

May 2016

Volume 50, Issue 5, Supplement 1, S1-S84

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Developing a Unified Approach for Sickle Cell Disease

July 2016
Volume 51, Issue 1, Supplement 1, S1-S100

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National Violent Death Reporting System: Analyses and Commentary
November 2016

Volume 51, Issue 5, Supplement 3, S169-S266

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Prevention Research Centers Program – 30th Anniversary: Translating Applied Public Health Research into Policy and Practice

 March 2017
Volume 52, Issue 3, Supplement 3, S207-S330

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Opportunities for Cancer Prevention During Early Adulthood
September 2017

Volume 53, Issue 3, Supplement 1, S1-S114

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  The Economics of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease

December 2017

Volume 53, Issue 6, Supplement 2, S115-S228

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Theme issues are published as part of AJPM’s regular issue.

Theme: Blood Disorders and Public Health

November 2014
Volume 47, Issue 5, p531-688

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Theme: Beyond the Individual: Family, Neighborhood, and State-level Influences on Dating Violence

September 2015
Volume 49, Issue 3, p335-492, e13-e22

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Theme: Economic Burden of Breast Cancer in Younger Women in the United States

February 2016
Volume 50, Issue 2, p129-294, e33-e64

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