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Teaching Immunization for Medical Education (TIME)
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This curriculum is designed for use in medical schools to support immunization instruction. The materials provide student objectives, learning objectives, key teaching points, and resources.

The TIME modules provide ready-to-use instructional materials that can be integrated into existing medical curricula. The modules include vaccine indications and contraindications, immunization schedules, and recommendations on efficient ways to increase vaccination levels. The following case-based modules are designed to encourage active, small-group learning, use modest amounts of faculty and learner time and are objective-driven.


TIME Background and MCTS Method

Information for Facilitators


Adult Vaccination Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated January 2012)

Small Group Booklet (Updated January 2012)


Childhood Vaccination Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated Nov 2011)

Small Group Booklet (Updated Nov 2011)


Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) Prevention

Facilitator's Guide (Updated June 2011)

Small Group Booklet (Updated June 2011)

Haemophilus Power Point (Updated June 2011)


Hepatitis B Prevention Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated September 2010)

Small Group Booklet (Updated Spetember 2010)

Hepatitis B Power Point(Updated June 2010)


HPV Prevention Module

Facilitator's Guide (September 2012)

Small Group Booklet (September 2012)


Influenza Prevention Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated November 2011)

Small Group Booklet (Updated November 2011)

Influenza Power Point (Updated November 2010)


Measles Prevention Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated July 2009)

Small Group Booklet (Updated July 2009)

Measles Power Point (Updated June 2010)


Meningococcal Disease Prevention Module   New!

Facilitator's Guide (September 2012)

Small Group Booklet (September 2012)


Pertussis Prevention Module

Facilitator's Guide (Updated November 2011)

Small Group Booklet (Updated November 2011)

Pertussis Power Point (Updated Dec 2009)


Developed through a collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine.

1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 610  |  Washington, DC 20036

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