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Immunization Resources for Nursing Education Expert Meeting

Immunization Resources for Nursing Education Expert Meeting




Funding Opportunity: Acceleration Grants

Funding Opportunity Announcement »


Acceleration of Prevention and Population Health Education


Association for Prevention Teaching and Research through Cooperative Agreement # 5 NU36OE000008-04-00, CDC's Collaboration with Academia to Strengthen Public Health Workforce Capacity.


Application Due Date:                    September 25, 2020 – 11:59 PM ET
Estimated Award Date:                  October 20, 2020
Project Period:                               October 20, 2020 to June 30, 2021


Responding to disease epidemics and improving the nation’s health requires a public health workforce that can apply prevention and population health principles, practice in interprofessional teams, and coordinate with other disciplines and sectors that impact health. The global and national response to the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for developing student competency in the areas of community resilience and preparedness; health equity and social justice; and access to care.

APTR is announcing this funding opportunity for faculty at this critical time when universities are being challenged to educate students through distance-based formats. Acceleration grants are intended to expand and support education in the areas of community resilience and preparedness; health equity and social justice; and access to care by disseminating effective methods of integrating these topics into existing courses and curricula.

Award Information

Type of Award: Contract/Subaward
Total Direct & Indirect Costs: $6,000 maximum award
Allowable Indirect Rate: 8% maximum
Number of Awards 4


The primary applicant must be an APTR Individual member or must be from an institution that holds an APTR Departmental membership. The membership must remain current throughout the grant period.

Experience with instructional design is preferred. Applications including more than one discipline or health profession (interprofessional team of faculty) are encouraged, but only one faculty member can act as the point of contact, subawardee, and fiduciary agent.

Project Description

Applicants will describe how they will create, expand, or improve curricula or teaching materials that address any of the following topics: community resilience and preparedness; health equity and social justice; and access to care. Modification of existing courses and curricula should increase or deepen learning and teaching in these areas. Grantees will be required to have the necessary institutional and/or copyright permissions to disseminate their work to the public. Grantees will be expected to present their work during Teaching Prevention 2021 or another virtual forum.

Examples of possible activities include but are not limited to:

  • Supplement existing or planned courses with other curricular and co-curricular offerings to improve understanding of community resilience and preparedness; health equity and social justice; and/or access to care.
  • Enhance the design of a course or teaching material.
  • Develop or improve distance-learning teaching materials.
  • Share effective practices for enhancing distance-learning that can be adapted by other universities.

Project Requirements

Teaching materials must:

  • Engage students in an activity, discussion, or problem-solving exercise related to community resilience and preparedness; health equity and social justice; or access to care.
  • Address:  At least two of the Tier 1 “Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals”[1] or CEPH Core Competencies; and at least one relevant domain of the “Clinical Prevention and Population Health Curriculum Framework” (CPPH Framework)[2] and two topic areas
  • Contain anticipated outcomes for the student learners (learning objectives)
  • Include Instructor Guide with discussion topics, recommended resources and readings, and references to CDC and other national guidelines and resources.
  • Contain learner assessment tools and methods.Include patient/client/population perspective(s) or faculty/student perspectives as relevant.
  • Contain graphics such as photos, video, graphs, or charts (with copyright rights), as applicable.
  • Methods for embedding this content into distance learning courses and curricula is encouraged.

Application Format

Please prepare applications following the detailed guidance provided in the complete Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Application Submission

Applications must be submitted electronically using the online application submission form.

Applicants can complete the “application narrative” and “other application content” offline and then upload and submit. All application attachments must be submitted using a PDF file format. Applications submitted are electronically time/date stamped.

Submission form and narrative applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on September 25, 2020.


For administrative and technical questions, please contact:

Vera S. Cardinale, MPH [email]
APTR Director, Training and Education


[1] A product of the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice.

[2] A product of the APTR Healthy People Curriculum Task Force.

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