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Immunization Resources for Nursing Education Expert Meeting

Immunization Resources for Nursing Education Expert Meeting




Climate Change Toolkit
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The APTR climate change and public health toolkit is designed to assist health professions faculty to address and seek to reduce the threat of the impact of climate change on public and population health through their professional work: as teachers, as clinical and public health practitioners, as researchers, and as members of a university community. The toolkit is an organizing structure and provides resources such as websites, research articles, and recommended readings.

The Toolkit was developed by APTR members to support the APTR Policy released in 2018: The Role of Health Professions’ Academics in the United States in Combatting Climate Change. This APTR policy statement calls upon post-secondary educational institutions in the United States-particularly health professions schools and their academic units that teach prevention and public health—to take action to reduce the impact of climate change from within their walls and to assume proactive responsibility for teaching students and the general public about climate change’s causes and effects, and to identify and implement policy recommendations in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation, preparedness, resilience and sustainability efforts.

Lead: Annette Greer, PhD, MSN, RN; Associate Professor, Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine

Toolkit Curator: N. Ruth Little, EdD, MPH, Vice Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Public HealthEast Carolina University Brody School of Medicine


I. Policy - [link]

II. National Assesments - [link]

III. Reports - [link]

A. National Research Council

B. The National Academies Press 

IV. Initiatives - [link]

A. Collaborations Among Health Professionals

B. Health Equity and Social Justice Initiatives

C. International Initiatives

V. Literatures - [link]

A. Climate Adaptation and Mitigation, Research and Reports

B. Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

C. Climate Change and Indigenous People

VI. Teaching and Curriculum - [link]

VII. Arts and Humanities and Engagement - [link]

VIII. Films - [link]

IX. Websites - [link]

X. Maps - [link]




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