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Clinical Prevention and Population Health Curriculum Framework Domains

Framework Structure

Version 3 of the Framework consists of 4 components and 23 domains, with each domain including topic areas and illustrative examples. 

 Component 1: Foundations of Population Health  Topic Areas


1.       Descriptive Epidemiology: The Health of Populations

2.       Etiology, Benefits and Harms–Health Research Evaluation

3.       Evidence-Based Practice

4.       Implementation of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Interventions

5.       Determinants of Health

6.       Population Health Informatics

7.       Evaluation


 Component 2: Clinical Preventive Services and Health Promotion  Topic Areas


1.       Screening

2.       Counseling for Behavioral Change

3.       Immunization

4.       Preventive Medication

5.       Other Preventive Interventions


 Component 3: Clinical Practice and Population Health  Topic Areas


1.       Incorporating Population Health into Clinical Care

2.       Partnering with the Public to Improve Health

3.       Environmental Health

4.       Occupational Health

5.       Global Health Issues

6.       Cultural Dimensions of Practice

7.       Emergency Preparedness and Response Systems


 Component 4: Health Systems and Health Policy  Topic Areas


1.       Organization of Clinical and Public Health Systems

2.       Health Services Financing

3.       Clinical and Public Health Workforce

4.       Health Policy Process   


 Complete CPPH Framework Document, Version 3 [pdf] 


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