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Graduate Programs in Public Health
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What is A Graduate Program in Public Health?

A graduate program in public health is an educational program which prepares students for professional careers in public health. Most graduate programs in public health are located within a medical school, however many other educational institutions offer graduate degrees in public health, such as schools of nursing, osteopathic medicine, health professions, liberal arts and sciences, and many more. Graduate programs in public health are located in almost all 50 states and provide a non-traditional curriculum that allows for innovative teaching suited for dual degree and/or part-time students.

Please view our interactive map to see a complete list of graduate programs in public health.

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Why Are Graduate Programs Important?

The ability of the public health system to prevent, respond to, and recover from bioterrorism or acute outbreaks of infectious diseases and other health threats and emergencies depends upon the existence of adequate numbers of well-trained public health professionals in federal, state, and local health departments. The public health system has an aging staff nearing retirement with no clear pipeline of highly-skilled and capable employees to fill the void. The National Association of State Personnel Executives has indicated retirement and career change rates as high as 45% for individuals currently working in state public health departments. More than 50% of the states cite the lack of qualified individuals as being one of the major barriers to preparedness.

A large proportion of the students trained in graduate public health programs are full-time professionals working in state and local health departments without prior public health education training. Graduate programs utilize blended curriculum formats such as on-line, evening, and practicum courses to provide a well-rounded public health education for working adults. Individuals who obtain an advanced public health degree while working at a state or local health department are three times more likely to continue their career working in a federal, state or local health department.


Facts About Graduate Programs

Graduate public health programs are accredited by the same accrediting body as the 56 accredited schools of public health.

112 CEPH-accredited graduate public health programs currently exist and over 30 programs are in the developmental or pre-accreditation stages.

Graduate public health programs are located in almost all 50 states; 17 states are solely dependent on graduate programs for public health education. Graduate public health programs educate and train one-quarter of the professionals entering into the public health workforce.







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